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Christian W. Hahn DDS, AAACD


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Personalized Treatment

At Ideal Dentistry we cater to you. Have some coffee, bottled water, snacks or maybe we can get you some lunch. Nothing is out of the question – you are our most important guest.

During your first visit with Dr. Hahn he will meet with you in a comfortable consultation room and invite you to just talk about what you expect from us. We do not dive into treatment unless you have an emergency, pain, or request treatment. Instead, we give you the time you deserve. Your first visit will take about an hour, and we promise you that you have never experienced such premium care before.

A Dentist With More Experience in Cosmetic and Functional Dentistry

Dr. Hahn is one of fewer than 300 accredited members of the largest cosmetic dental association – the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) in the United States. The experience of it’s members in cosmetic dentistry is unrivaled. Experience makes a difference, especially when you want a beautiful, natural looking smile that will last. Just take a look at our before and after photo gallery, or visit us personally and meet a few of our dental clients who we’ve given life-changing smile makeovers!

No Mercury

Silver Mercury (black) amalgam fillings are never used at Ideal Dentistry. Better materials that produce better aesthetic result and are healthier for you are available. Materials such as white composite, porcelain, or gold. The more natural looking and minimal the filling can be, the better it is for you.

Over the last few years Dr. Hahn has been a speaker at the Louisville Naturopathic Physicians Society and brings more natural options to his patients.

With all the chemicals infiltrating our lives on a daily basis it is about time a dentist decides to find a more natural way to achieve optimal oral health.

We are a proud mercury free office.

We also do not use products with BPA in them and stay abreast on the latest research with regards to dental materials.

Rest assured, Dr. Hahn will use the healthiest, most conservative dental treatment available to solve your problems.

90% Less Radiation Than Traditional X-Rays

Our offices use digital x-ray systems that use 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. The higher quality digital images allow Dr. Hahn to diagnose cavities and infections earlier, which means treatment that can correct problems before they become dental emergencies are found as soon as possible.

Regardless of the low radiation of the current digital x-ray systems, Dr. Hahn is very conservative when it comes to taking x-rays and will minimize your exposure whenever possible.

The Latest Sterilization Techniques to Ensure Your Health & Safety

At Ideal Dentistry, we use only the most powerful and effective sterilization techniques. We monitor the effectiveness of these systems continually. Ozone air purification ensures that even that “Dental Office Smell” does not exist here. We are clean freaks and proud of it.

Our award winning office was designed with a clean, clutter-free look as a top priority. All surfaces are easy to clean and maintain for your ultimate health.

Laser Cavity Scanner

Until recently, dentists detected cavities using a pointy instrument that was pushed into the tooth. If the instrument got stuck, the dentist had found a cavity. This old system is only 25% accurate. Today we use a Diagnodent Laser to gently scan the surface of your teeth. You will feel nothing. The Diagnodent is so accurate that we can find cavities and fix them before they need costly large fillings.

This significantly reduces the need for injections and discomfort. Often the detected cavities can be fixed without any discomfort at all – using no injections! Prior to the development of the Diagnodent Laser, these small cavities were not detectable until they became much larger and more difficult to fill.

Digital Photography

Every patient is photographed with our state-of-the-art digital camera. Every tooth that will receive a laboratory fabricated filling or cap is photographed in great detail. These photos allow our porcelain artists to predictably create natural looking life-like teeth. Dr. Hahn has written many articles for dental journals about the best techniques for creating beautiful teeth that look so natural nobody will ever know you were not born with them!

HD Photography – ‘You See What We See’

A picture is worth a thousand words. We take high definition photos of every tooth on every patient. If needed we even show you a video of your mouth! The images provided make it much easier to discuss treatment options with you. No more guessing; you can choose to be part of the process, if you like.

Trust is not won, it is earned. Everything we do or recommend is done with your complete understanding and trust.

Premium Quality Materials

Ideal Dentistry uses only the best premium materials available.

Our gold restorations have no nickel, copper or beryllium in them, because these are all highly allergenic materials. Everything we use, down to the toothbrushes we give you for free, is the best available. If we would not use it on our family, then we will not use it on our guests.


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