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Amy Coleman M.D.


Doctor of Medicine


Wellsmart Medical Services PLLC


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Dr. Amy Coleman trained at the Institute of Functional Medicine and as a Family Medicine Physician at the University of Kentucky. She is an author, speaker, and health innovation entrepreneur. Dr. Coleman is founder of the woman/veteran owned company Wellsmart Medical Services.
At the Harvard Medical School's Structural Acupuncture course for Physicians Program Dr. Amy Coleman was trained in the use of a palpation-based, hands on approach for diagnosis and treatment for musculoskeletal, neurological, and internal medical conditions.
Wellsmart also offers gut microbiome sequencing to customize a personalized and precise plan for development of your optimized gut flora. This test sheds light on ways to optimize immune, mitochondrial, detoxification, and metabolic functioning as well as vitamin/mineral absorption.
In a Preventative Wellness Exams Dr. Coleman personally gets to know you during this in-depth review of your health timeline. A detailed, full physical examination includes checking acupuncture meridians and other subtle signaling areas of the body which can indicate imbalances of an acute or chronic nature.
A comprehensive plan may include; nutritional guidance, acupuncture, lifestyle changes, natural supplements, further specialty labs and/or food sensitivity testing.
Amygdala Potentiation is a rapid and effective management of stress-related physical and psychological conditions. This modality uses touch, attention, and imagination to trigger electrochemical changes in the brain that alter how memories are processed.
Dr. Coleman is available for email, phone and HIPAA compliant video conferencing. Second opinions, medical concerns, and questions are welcome.

KIIMA also thanks Dr. Coleman for her service!
Dr. Amy Coleman originally served as a United States Air Force Flight Surgeon after medical school and internship, where she was appointed as the youngest and first female Commander of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Clinic. There, she helped guide global medical missions and built creative clinic systems including those employing complementary care methods still in operation today throughout the U.S. Air Force. Sought out for her “mind, body, and spirit” approach to patient care, she was selected as the primary physician for Four-Star Generals, U.S. Embassies, Special Forces Teams, F-16 Fighter Squadrons and was a contracted Flight Surgeon to NASA for Space Shuttle support missions. She also served in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.


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