Welcome to the Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine Association, your resource for trusted healthcare professionals that deliver trusted results. There are so many options to date that the benefits of integrating diet, nutrition, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle practices is not clearly defined. Patients are wasting time and money on whatever seems to be the latest thing they have read about or are told. They often do not know the difference between a well trained professional and one that is not. They need a better resource to not be misled. Are their resources truly offering the safest and most effective approaches for health. Most often not, as most education to date is driven by marketing.

For over 2 decades now there are many professionals in the Kentuckiana area that have shown to consistently year and after year strive to deliver the highest in quality and care to their patients. KiiMA is here for them to display their efforts of assuring to their community and peers that they are utilizing every possible proven safe option to advance health care including both prevention and treatment.

With the latest statistics that healthcare costs in the US are 2.7 trillion dollars annually, we must focus on prevention and cause.