Members must sign our mission agreement and adhere to the criteria to be an ongoing member.


  1. I am a state licensed healthcare professional.
    1. I practice only within that scope of my degree.
    2. Any additional certifications used in practice are from a US Dept. of Education backed school/course.
  2. I understand the Integrative approach is to utilize both conventional medicine along with healthy diet and lifestyle practices for the best possible outcome of my patient’s well-being.
    1. Annually, or upon request, I can validate that I am continuing my education on the latest research in Integrative medicine.
  3. I am using the most efficacious and safest approach/modalities for the best possible outcome for my patient’s health.
    1. I use textbook referenced materials and clinical studies to validate safety and efficacy in my practice.
    2. When necessary to supplement the diet I understand the difference between quality criteria in supplement offerings. I understand that the highest quality standards in the U.S. are FDA drug GMP audited facilities and know the difference between this criteria and products that may not have the same safety testing.
    3. All modalities and supplementation will be able to be backed by evidence for safety and efficacy.
  4. I will at all times be able to present to my fellow members that I represent the mission of the Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine Association and that we are the best resource for the medical community and others to refer their patients and clients to.

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