Alan C. Simon R.Ph.



Alan C. Simon R.Ph.


Integrative Pharmacist


Simon's Prospect Apothecary


9217 US Highway 42
Prospect, KY 40059







Simon’s Prospect Apothecary is a 1,800 sq. ft. professional pharmacy that has been in business since 1978.

Alan C. Simon a practicing registered pharmacist for 40 years has now devoted 100% of his time to educate those in need. Alan has a consultation practice and specializes in integrative natural medicine, clinical nutrition, herb and drug interactions, and drug-induced nutrient depletions.

As an integrative health educator, Alan provides continuing education to physician and pharmacists on herb and drug interactions and drug-induced nutrient depletions. Alan has national certification from the National Institute of Pharmacist Care Outcomes in “Diabetes Care and Management” and “Osteoporosis Care”.

Alan lectures to various support groups on nutrition, supplementation, and obstacles to health. He conducted a program for the Kentucky Psychological Association and aired on National Public Radio’s “Health Works” and “State of Affairs” discussing dietary supplementation, nutrition, holistic health and integrative medicine. He has presented programs on "Nutrition and Cancer" and "Integrative Gastroenterology" at Baptist East and Jewish Hospitals.
Alan is on the Medical Advisory Board of Integrative Therapeutics and a member of The Kentucky Pharmacist Association and Jefferson County Academy of Pharmacist.
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Integrative Pharmacy, Integrative Functional Medicine, Drug Induced Nutrient Depletions, Herb and Drug Interactions, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cancer, Insomnia, Digestive Wellness, Cardiovascular Wellness, Clinical Nutrition